Dating physical chemistry

29-Jan-2018 16:41

Chemistry versus compatibility Compatibility usually corresponds to the long-term potential between a couple.

You like the same food, you’re into the same music and share the same sense of humour; in fact, you get on so well you believe you’re the perfect match.

Sexual tension – deliberately building and then frustrating sexual interest – is all about the lead-up.

This is the key to sexual tension: the build up and then the release. Think of it like a pressurized tank of gas: it has an emergency release valve.

Essentially compatibility is the similarities between lifestyles and values that make the relationship work without too much forcing or compromising on anyone’s part.

On the flip side of the coin, you don’t enjoy the same social activities, you have the opposite taste in music and you can’t agree on what restaurant to go to for dinner however, you’re so physically attracted to each other you’re convinced you’ve never/will never feel this way about anyone ever again.

Chemistry is a mix of sexual tension and emotional and intellectual engagement, and it can be built, if you know how. It’s a facet of our personalities that we want that which is denied to us. ” and rub their hands with glee whenever the news outlets pick up a story on how the HOT NEW GADGET is unavailable. Check e Bay the morning after a new i Phone is released.

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You're turned on to the person, and you experience it on a physical as well as an emotional level.It can be described in the terms of mutual feelings - "a connection, a bond or common feeling between two people", or as a chemical process - "[it] stimulates love or sexual attraction...brain chemicals are definitely involved".

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